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E-Portfolio Conclusion

To end with all the portfolios I wanted to make a short conclusion about the good aspects of making this work.

To beguin with I believe that this work was one of the homeworks which I have most enjoy in all my school years, this is because the freedom we had to do this was almost unlimited. I have a good time thinking and comparing stories or poems with different things which I saw in my life.

More over I think that by doing a portfolio you are able to learn better from a poem or a story (I believe that is much more effective in poems) because you are able to give your own interpretation to the poem witch will be useful at the time of analyzing in the future.

Lastly, I learned a lot from this work principals I learned to organize my time in order to complete with all the portfolios. This will teach me to organize in a not distant future.

To conclude, the E-Portfolio were a great activity and just brought me and my classmates a lot of positive knowledge.


Thank you very much, Pato.

Otto Kreutzer Vernet

E-Portfolio The Lady in the Looking Glass: A reflection

The Lady in the Looking Glass is a story written by Virginia Wolf. This story describes the life of Isabella Tyson, this diferent descriptions just tell us good things about Isabella, like telling us that she is very social, that she is rich, that she is happy collecting flowers, or that she receives many letters from different lovers. But the truth is that Isabella is not like the narrator of the story describes her, Isabella is completely empty inside and we are able to realice this when she is infront of the looking glass and we can see how she really is and the truth is that Isabella is completely empty and all those descriptions given trough the story are just what the people is able to perceive.

As this is the last E-Portfolio which I am going to do I will compare this story with a personal experience. When I went to primary school I passed through a moment in my life where I didn’t felt happiness nor sadness, I felt empty. I didn’t wanted people to worry about me as I wasn’t sad so throw this long period of time I pretended to be perfectly happy, there I discovered that I was a great actor as I was able to make my schoolmates, my friends, and  also my family that I was happy. If anyone ask any of my classmates how I was feeling probably he or she would answer that I was doing great, this reminds me to the description that is given by the narrator to Isabella through the story and this teach as that not everything is like we think and that we have to be sure that we know someone before giving a great description about them.

E-Portfolio Ode on Melanchol

Ode on Melancholy is a poem written by John Jeats who deals with the fact that melancholy is not bad. We can understand in this poem that melancholy is something that makes you suffer but this suffering is important because without melancholy there won’t be happiness, this means that no one who have never experienced melancholy will never experience happiness because this person won’t be able to compare how do they fell at the moment.

I can easily compare this poem with the main character of a Japanese tv show called “My Hero Academia” in this story the main character called Izuku Midorya lives in a world where almost all the humanity have super powers (about the 90%), so in this society beeing a súper hero is a normal job, where people get paid for trap criminals just like police men in the real world. Our main character dreams of beeing a hero but his problem is that he belongs to the 10% of humanity ho does not have any super ability, this problem had many different consequences in his life, like being bullied by many people at secondary school including teachers who insisted in that he could not be a hero in the future. This made Isuku have a very melancholic adolescence until he was 15 years old

Accidentally he ended meeting the number one hero of the world “All might” Who was able to see the strong will of the young boy and he explained to him that he can be a hero. But it didn’t ended there because All might had the ability of passing his power tho another person, so he decided to pass it to Izumi as he noticed that he had the perfect potential for beeing his successor. A year later after that we can see the rite of passage done by Izuku, now we can see an Izuku who is happy most of the time and he values his happiness because he know how is to live in melancholy.

E-Portfolio The destructors

The Destructors is a story written by Graham Greene which tell us the story of a gang of kids who live in London after the Blitz. The story tell us how Trevor who is the new member of the gang manages to make a perfect plan to Destroy Mr Thomas’ house  who is known as old Misery. The kids want to destroy this house as it is the only one which has survived the blitz, this house represents someone who was much more lucky than the kids’ families and also from a different social class which they are not able to trust.

I share the same pint of view that my classmate, Vig Mangwani has. The three characters of the story, blackie, Mike, and Trevor are very similar to the characters of a video game called GTA V (5) in this game two of the three characters are called Trevor and Micheal (usually called Mike) while the third character in the game is called Francklin who is an Áfrican American. This game has a very different story from the one in the destructors, but the characters of both stories have very similar personalities and there is also a part in the game where the main characters destroy a house just like in the end of The Destructors, by chaining the main fundarions of the house whith a car and acelerate the car until the foundations get destroyed together with the house.

E-Portfolio Dulce et Decorum Est

Just like “Soldier, Rest!”, Dulce et Decorum Est it’s another war poem so they deal with many different themes for example the fact that the soldiers have lost many things because of war like many friends or probably many important family members, but the most important thing that is lost by soldiers is the fact that they forget how to feel when they finally return home.

Those themes tell us that war only brings loss of different things reminds me to the story of a video game called “God of War”. This game tell us the story of Kratos, a spartan general who was about to be defeated in battle but he was able to make a deal with Ares, the Greek god of war, who killed all of Kratos’ enemies and as a payment Kratos offered to be Ares’ servant in earth which will also ensure all the battles of the spartans. But this deal wouldn’t last so long as Ares drove Kratos crazy so he destroyed millions of civilizations, this madness made Kratos attack his own people and he ended killing his own Wife and Daughter without even recognizing them. Just after that he discovered the monster in which he became. He lost many of his friends in battle, he lost his only family, but most importantly he forgot how to feel.


E-Portfolio Soldier, rest

“Soldier, rest” is a poem written by Sir Walter Scott is a war poem which deals with the suffering faced by the soldiers during war but also after the war ends and they have to return home, in this poem we can understand that there will be always a part of the soldier that will still be in the battlefield. This poem reminds me to a very good story which was adapted to a video game which name is Fallout IV, the story of this video game starts with a great frase “War, war never changes” meaning that it doesn’t matter how many years passed war will always have the same objective to kill men which are in your same situation.

The story of “Fallout” takes place in a post apocalyptic society after the outbreak of a nuclear war which affected all the world. This story like many of the War poems was written after the World War II inspired in the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki but it was adapted to a video game in 1997 and in 2015 the fourth game was released known as “Falout IV” tell us the story of a soldier and it shows how his soldier life and family life clash.


E-portfolio Home is so sad








Home is so sad is a poem about someone who is returning home. The voice of the poem describes how home is shaped to comfort, how it doesn’t matter how time passes home will remain the same. The sad part of our home is the part when we leave it, but we a re able to restore our happiness once we come back to it.

This poem reminds me to the Parable of the prodigal Son in the Bible. This parable tell us the story of a man of two sons. The older brother asks his father for his inheritance in order to leave his father’s house. When the son leaves he wasted all his inheritance in just materialistic stuff or he lost it betting it in games. The older son ends up turning into a homeless and he finally decides to return home, there he is able to get his happiness back as he realizes he had everything he wanted at home with his father and his brother.




Rooms: E-portfolio

Rooms by Charlotte Mew is a poem who deals with memories which are represented as rooms. The poem also deals with the lost of emotions, principally the lost of love.

This poem reminds me to a character from a Japanese “manga” called Ken Kaneki. Who used to be a normal young man who was full of thought, ideas and feelings about the books he read. This poem reminded me to this character because throughout the story he makes a rite of passage, we can realize that he became strong but this also made him cold and he founds imposible to express what he was feeling. When the character is at the climax of his own rite of passage we are given some little flashbacks which explain the reader his past, there is where we are able to see the memories or “rooms” and how this were getting worse slowly.

E-Portfolio The hollow of the three hills

The hollow of the three hills is a gothic story written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. This gothic story reminds me to a personal experience which is about my father. As the lady in the story he is not able to be with the people he loves, in his case is because his job. But the fact that we is not able to see each other every day, I know that he is still thinking about me and my both sisters. It doesn’t matter how far away he is, he will still find a way to be connected with us like in the story.